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Do I need a Medical recommendation? Do I pay less if I have a medical recommendation?

We are a licensed Adult Use "Recreational" & Medicinal dispensary.  21+ yrs old & a government issued ID will be required each visit. 18yrs-20yrs a valid medical recommendation & CA ID will be required for each visit. 


Unfortunately there is no price difference for Medical vs. Adult Use members. The vendors, state and city see these purchases exactly the same and charge us the same prices and taxes. Other local medicinal store fronts are placing taxes in the prices and some customers have come to believe they do not pay taxes as a medicinal facility but technically they do. The business pays the taxes for them but the City of Placerville and the CDTFA require our tax charges and breakdown to be on each receipt, recorded according. We can not reduce taxes or prices but you do get higher limits of purchase per day as allotted by the state with a medical recommendation. 

What Kind of ID is required?

 You will need a government issued ID (Driver's license, Passport, etc.) providing that you are over 21 years old. If you are under the age of 21 but over 18 years old, you will need to provide a valid medical recommendation. 

What taxes are included in the purchase of the product?

None. Taxes are very high in CA, we do our best to offer the best priced quality product but we can not avoid the taxes we are required to collect. We are REQUIRED to put the taxes on the receipt and can not hide them in the price. 

You can expect:

Excise Tax: 15%

CA State Tax: 8.5%

Placerville City Tax: 4%

Placerville Community Fund: .25% (goes up .25% quarterly until it reaches 1%)

Total: 27.75%

Do you deliver?

Unfortunately no, we are not licensed as a delivery service. Come in for a 1:1 consultation, online order call us to prepare your order for a quick turn around if a consult is not needed.

Do you take online orders?

Absolutely! But you have to pay in store, we can not take payments on the website. You are welcome and encouraged to to place your order online so you can have a quick visit when a consult is not needed. 

How will I know what the best product and dose is for me?

There is a wide variety of products, suggested doses and delivery systems. Our staff has years of cannabis education and holistic wellness coaching to bring you the best information to help you chose your best next step in working towards healing your dis-ease. It's an individual journey that we plan to walk the path with you one step at a time. Classes and community services will soon be available as we are able to launch them with the current City wide Covid-19 Recommendations and demand. 

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